Supernormal Capability of Total Recall

        There is another supernormal capability which has a direct relation with the Celestial Eye. It is called Total Recall. Now there are six supernormal capabilities which are generally recognized in the world. They include the Celestial Eye, Remote Sight, and Total Recall. What is Total Recall? It is a supernormal capability with which one can know a person's future and past; if the ability is great, one can know the rise and decline of a society; if the ability is even greater, one can see the Law of the change of the whole celestial body. As matter moves following a certain pattern, any object in a special space has its existing forms in many, many other spaces. For instance, when the human body makes a movement, the cells in the body will also move with it. So will all molecules, protons, electrons, and the other smallest particles in the microcosmic state. However, a body has its own form of independent existence, and the existing forms of the human body in other spaces will also be changed.

        Don't we often refer to the conservation of matter? Whatever you do will leave an image and some message in a specific space. When people have done something, as they do with a wave of hand, it is all material existence. In another space, it is conserved and will exist there forever. A person who possesses supernormal capabilities will know what happened in the past by just taking a look at the images in the past which are still there. When you have developed the ability of Total Recall in the future, you will find the form of the lecture I am giving here today still existing. It exists here at the same time. When a person is born, his whole life has already existed in a special space where there is no concept of time. For some people, more than one life is there.

        Some people may think: Isn't it unnecessary for us to have a personal struggle or to remold ourselves? They cannot accept it. As a matter of fact, only small things in life can be changed through personal struggle. Some small things may change after your personal struggle. But you may get karma because of your effort to change them; otherwise, there is no such thing as making karma or doing good or evil. If you obstinately do so, you will take advantage of other people, thus you have done evil deeds. Therefore, it is for this reason that it is repeatedly emphasized that a cultivator should follow the natural course, because you will harm other people when you make your own efforts. Originally, there is no such thing in your life, but you have received what belongs to other people in society. Thus, you owe them a debt.

        As for big things, an ordinary person can never change them. However, there is a way to change them. That is, one can change his life by doing nothing but evil deeds and committing all manner of crimes. But a complete destruction of his life lies ahead of him. We can see in the high dimension that one's Yuanshen ( True Spirit) does not die at his death. How is it that the True Spirit can be free from death? In fact, we find that a dead body in the mortuary is nothing but a mass of human cells in this space of ours. All the cell tissues in the internal organs and in the whole body in this space have fallen off, while in other spaces a body composed of particles which are smaller than molecules, atoms or protons is not dead at all. It lives in other spaces and still exists in that microcosmic space. However, a person who stops at no evil would have a complete disintegration of all his cells. In Buddhism it is called perdition of body and soul ().

        There is another way to make one change his life, which is actually the only way. That is, he begins to take up a way of cultivation. Why can his life be changed when he takes up the way of cultivation? Who has such a great power to change it? When one wants to take up the way of cultivation, such an intention will glitter like gold and shake the Ten Directions. The Buddha School's view of the universe is expressed in the theory of the Ten Directions. In the eyes of an intelligent being, a human life is not to be lived as a human being. He holds that human lives originate in the cosmic space and have the same nature as the universe. They are kind and are composed of the matter of Zhen Shan Ren. But they also have their community. When they associate with others in the community, some of them will become bad and drop down to a lower dimension. When they become still worse and cannot stay in that dimension any more, they will drop down to a still lower dimension. They drop down and down and down in this way until they have finally come to this dimension of ordinary people.

        Man in this dimension should have been destroyed or wiped out. However, out of great compassion, the great enlightened beings have specially made such a space as our human society. In this space, man is provided with a mortal body and two eyes which can only see the objects in this physical world. That is to say, man has fallen into the maze in which he is unable to see the truth of the universe, which can be seen in other spaces. In this maze and under such circumstances, he is given such a chance. As he is in the maze, he is amidst the greatest suffering. His body is to bring him sufferings. The Tao School teaches returning to the origin and going back to the truth through cultivation. If a man in this space can return to the origin and has the mind to cultivate himself, that is, if he has developed his Buddha-nature, people will help him, because such a heart is regarded as the most precious thing. He does not get lost under such difficult circumstances and still wants to return to the origin, so people will help him. They will help him in every way and without condition. This is the reason why we can do such a thing for cultivators, but not for ordinary people.

        We can do nothing for you if you are an ordinary person who just wants to get rid of diseases. An ordinary person is just an ordinary person. Ordinary people can only live in the state of society of ordinary people. Many people say that Buddhas offer salvation to all sentient beings and Buddhas teach the universal salvation of all life. I tell you, you can consult all Buddhist scriptures and will find no words there indicating that the removal of diseases in ordinary people means the salvation of sentient beings. It is those pseudo qigong masters who have messed up the matter these years. The real qigong masters and qigong trail-blazers never suggested treating diseases in others. They only taught you how to get rid of diseases and keep fit through your own practice. As an ordinary person, how can you cure diseases when you have just learned qigong for a couple of days? Aren't you fooling other people? Doesn't that encourage your attachment? You are just seeking after fame, wealth and supernormal things and showing them off among ordinary people! It absolutely won't do. Therefore, the more you seek after it, the more you cannot get it. You are not allowed to do so, and you are not allowed to disrupt the social state of ordinary people at will.

        There is such a principle in this universe: When you want to return to the origin and go back to the truth, someone will help you. He holds that man should go back to the origin instead of living in the society of ordinary people. Suppose human beings suffer no diseases and live a comfortable life, they would even be reluctant to become immortals. How wonderful it is if people suffer from no diseases, bear no sufferings, and have whatever they desire. This is really a world of immortals. But you have dropped down to where you are because of your degeneration, so you do not feel comfortable. Man is likely to do bad when he is lost in the world of ordinary people. In Buddhism it is called the karmic principle of reward and retribution. Therefore, when some people usually have a tribulation or some trouble, he is in fact paying his karma according to the karmic principle of reward and retribution. It is also said in Buddhism that Buddha is omnipresent. It is definitely possible that one wave of a Buddha's hand will wipe out all the diseases of mankind. There are so many Buddhas. Why don't they do such a thing? One has to endure the suffering because of the evil deeds he did in the past. If you have cured his disease, you have as good as broken the principle of the universe. It means he is allowed to do bad and does not have to pay what he owes to others. This is not allowed to happen. So everybody is safeguarding the normal state of human society. None of them would try to disrupt it. Nothing but cultivation can make you really free from disease and bring you the real liberation. To make people cultivate the Orthodox Law is the real salvation of sentient beings.

        How can many qigong masters cure diseases? Why do they go in for the treatment of disease? Some people may think about the matter. Most of such qigong masters do not go the right way. In the course of cultivation a true qigong master will find that all beings are suffering. He is allowed to help the sufferer out of compassion and sympathy. But he cannot cure the disease. He can only repress it temporarily, or postpone it so that you will suffer from it in the future, or transfer it to other members of your family. He is unable to completely eradicate the karma for you. This is the reason why it is permitted to eliminate the karma only for cultivators, not for ordinary people.

        The salvation of all sentient beings put forward by the Buddha School means that you are to be taken from the most painful state of ordinary people to the high dimension where you will never suffer and can enjoy real freedom. This is what it implies. Didn't Sakyamuni mention the other bank of Nirvana? This is the true sense of his salvation of all sentient beings. Suppose you live in ease and comfort among ordinary people, having so much money that you can use the bank notes as a mattress and bear no suffering at all, you will even be reluctant to become an immortal. If you are a cultivator, your course of life can be changed, and only through cultivation can your life course be changed.

        The supernormal capability of Total Recall works through a small fluorescent screen like TV in the position of the forehead. Some find it at the location of the forehead; some find it nearby the forehead; some find it inside the forehead; some can see it with eyes closed; some can see it with eyes open if it is very strong. But it is invisible to other people, because it is something within your own spatial field. That is to say, when this capability is developed, there has to be another one to serve as a carrier to reflect the images of other spaces so that one can see them with the Celestial Eye. With this ability one can see the future or the past of a person very precisely. Though one can also reveal something quite clearly through divination, he is unable to know the small things or details of an event. However, with the ability of Total Recall one can see them very clearly. He can even see the dates and changing details of the event, because what he sees is the true reflection of a person or an object in a different space.

        I am going to open the Celestial Eye for every cultivator of Falun Dafa. As for the supernormal capabilities which will be mentioned later, I will not open them. With the unceasing rise of your level, the supernormal capability of Total Recall will turn up in due course. You will meet with this case in your future cultivation. When you have developed this supernormal capability, you will know how it is. So we should tell you all these doctrines and principles.

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