Supernormal Capability of Remote Sight

        A supernormal capability directly connected with the Celestial Eye is called the Remote Sight. Someone says that he can see scenes in Beijing, in America or scenes on the other side of the earth while sitting here. Some people are not able to understand it. It cannot be explained scientifically. How can it be possible? Some people have tried to explain it this way or that way, but their explanations are not convincing. They wonder how man can have such a great ability. In fact, it is not so. A practitioner who cultivates in the phase of Shi Jian Fa (the In-Triple-World-Law) does not have such an ability. What he sees, including Remote Sight and many other supernatural powers, all work in a specific space. They cannot go beyond the physical space of our human existence at the most. They usually do not go beyond one's own spatial field.

        The human body has a field in a specific space. This field is not the same one as the field of De (virtues). They are not in the same space but are of the same size. This field corresponds to the universe. Whatever exists in the universe can find its counterpart in it. But this counterpart is only a kind of shadow, not a real object. For example, the United States and Washington exist on earth. In this field there is also the reflection of the United States and Washington. But it is a shadow. However, a shadow is also a material existence. Since the field corresponds to the universe, it changes with the things in the universe. Therefore, with the supernormal capability of the so-called Remote Sight one actually sees the things in his own spatial field. When one has gone beyond the cultivation of the In-Triple-World-Law, he no longer sees in this way. He will see things directly. Such an ability is called the divine power of Buddha Law, a power whose might knows no bounds.

        How does the supernormal capability of Remote Sight work in the In-Triple-World-Law? Here I am going to expound this to you. In the space of this field, there is a mirror in the position of one's forehead. A non-practitioner's mirror faces himself. A practitioner's mirror will turn over. When one is about to develop the power of Remote Sight, the mirror will keep turning over and over. As you know, a film produces continuous movements at the speed of twenty-four pictures per second. When it goes slower than that, the pictures will keep bouncing. The mirror turns faster than that. It keeps the images reflected in it, and then turns over to show them to you. The images will be erased when it turns over again. Then it will do the same again and again by keeping turning over and over. Therefore, what you see is in motion. This is exactly how it shows you the things within your spatial field it reflects, which are the counterparts of the things in the universe outside.

        Well, how can one see things behind him? How can everything around him be reflected in such a small mirror? You know, when one's Celestial Eye is above the plane of the Celestial Eye Sight and is about to reach the plane of the Wisdom Eye Sight, it is going to break through this space of ours. Just at the point of an entire breakthrough, the Celestial Eye will change: When it looks at an object, a man or a wall, they will all have disappeared, matter does not exist. That is to say, in this specific space, when you look in depth, you will find no man there. There is only a mirror standing in the scope of this spatial field of yours, and this mirror is in your spatial field and it is as large as your entire spatial field. So when it turns over and over in the field, there is no place that cannot be reflected in the mirror. The mirror can reflect everything in your spatial field, as long as they are the counterparts of the things in the universe. This is what we call the supernormal capability of Remote Sight.

        In testing this ability, the scientists who study the human body are likely to deny it. Here is the reason for their denial. For example, one was asked to tell what someone's relative in Beijing was doing at his house. When he was told the relative's name and some general facts, he could see the person. He gave a description of the building, how to enter the room through the door, and how the room was furnished. What he said was all correct. When asked "What is the man doing?" "He is writing," he replied. In order to verify his statement, the tester asked his relative by telephone: "What are you doing now?" "I am eating". Didn't it tally with what he had seen? This is the reason why such a supernormal capability was negated in the past. But what he saw about the place was exactly correct. As there is a time difference between the space and time of ours, which we call timespace, and that of the space where supernormal capabilities exist, there is a difference in the concept of time between the two spaces. The man was writing just before. Now he is eating. There is such a time difference. Therefore, if these scientists usually make their deductions and investigations based upon the conventional theories and contemporary science in this way, they will get nowhere even after ten thousand years of study. As these things are supernormal in the first place, men need to change their mentality. They should not understand these things in such a way again.

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