On the Issue of Healing Illnesses

        When talking about healing illnesses, I am not teaching you how to cure diseases. All the genuine disciples of Falun Dafa should not treat patients. As soon as you do it, all the materials of Falun Dafa planted into your body will be taken back by my Law body. Why is this issue taken so seriously? Because it is a phenomenon that does harm to Dafa. Not only will it harm your health, but some people can not help treating patients once they begin to do so. They will grab any one they catch sight of and begin to cure diseases and show off. Isn't it an attachment? This seriously hinders their cultivation.

        Many phony qigong masters take advantage of ordinary people's desire to treat patients after they have learned qigong. They teach such stuff. They claim that giving off qi can heal illnesses. What a joke! You have qi, and he has qi as well. How can you treat a patient by giving off your qi? Perhaps, his qi cures your diseases! One's qi does not restrict another one's. When one reaches a high level cultivation and produces cultivation energy, what he releases is high energy matter which indeed can treat, control and repress illnesses, but can not eradicate it. Therefore, to be able to really heal illnesses thoroughly, one needs to have supernormal capabilities. There is a corresponding supernormal capability aimed at treating each illness. I would say there are over a thousand kinds of supernormal capabilities to treat diseases. The number of diseases is equal to that of supernatural capabilities aimed at treating these diseases. Without such a supernormal capability it will not work no matter how skillful your treatment is.

        Some people have jumbled the world of cultivation a lot in recent years. For those true qigong masters who came out to teach people to get rid of diseases and keep fit, and to open up the path in the beginning, did any of them teach people to treat disease? He always removed diseases for you or taught you how to cultivate yourself, how to keep fit with a system of exercise; then, you can remove your illness through your own practice. Later, phony qigong masters came out and turned the qigong world into a turmoil. Whoever wants to heal illness with qigong will incur spirit possession. It is definitely so. Some qigong masters also treated patients at that time in order to coordinate with the changes of Celestial Phenomena. But it is not a skill of ordinary people, and could not last forever. It was brought into practice by the changes of Celestial Phenomena, and was just a product of that time. Later, it became chaotic when it developed into specializing in teaching how to cure others of their diseases. How could an ordinary person possibly treat illness in three or five days? Somebody said that he could treat this or that illness. Let me tell you, every such person is possessed by evil spirits. Does he know what is lying on his back? He is possessed by an evil spirit, but he cannot feel it. He does not know it. He may feel himself fine and very competent.

        Genuine qigong masters can reach such a goal through many years of painstaking cultivation and practice. Did you ever think about whether you had such a powerful supernormal capability to remove his karma when you treated him? Have you ever received true teachings? How could you treat illness after two or three days? How could you heal illness with the hands of an ordinary person? However, those phony qigong masters took advantage of your weaknesses and the attachments of human beings. Don't you seek after ways for curing diseases? Well, they organize a treatment class, specializing in teaching you some methods of treatment, such as qi needle, light illuminating, qi discharging, qi compensation, attacking a vital point, grabbing method, etc.. There are a variety of methods aimed at emptying your purses.

        Let us talk about the grabbing method. What we have seen is such a situation. Why does a human being fall ill? The fundamental cause of his falling ill and of all his misfortunes is karma, the karmic field of black substance. It belongs to something Yin (negative) and something bad. Those evil entities are also negative and black; thus, they come up because this environment fits them. This is the fundamental cause of one's falling ill, and it is principal source of illness. Of course, there are the other two forms. One is the extremely tiny evil intelligent entity of high density like a mass of karma; the other is what is accumulated down from one's ancestors, feeding like a pipeline, which is rare, but it does exist, as well.

        Let us talk about the most common illnesses, like tumors, infections or osteoproliferation etc., found in the human body. In another space, a very deep space, there lies an evil intelligent entity. An ordinary qigong master or a common supernatural capability is unable to see it except for the black qi in one's body. It is correct to say wherever there is black qi there is an illness. Yet, the black qi is not the fundamental cause of a disease but rather the field that is released by an evil intelligent entity from a deeper space. Some people talk about discharging and expelling the black qi. Discharge as much as you wish! It will be produced shortly. Some are very powerful. It will be pulled back right after being expelled. They can draw back qi themselves, which makes treatment impossible.

        From the perspective of supernatural capability, the black qi in that area is considered to be the qi of an illness. From the viewpoint of the traditional Chinese medicine, the sick area is where the energy channel is blocked, qi and blood are not passing through and the energy channel is choked there. In the eyes of Western medicine, that location presents the phenomena of an ulcer, tumor, hyperplasia, inflammation, etc.. What is reflected in this space are these forms. After removing that evil entity, you will find there is nothing wrong in the body of this space. Whether it is a protrusion of the lumbar intervertebral disci or osteoproliferation, you will find it get well immediately after that entity is removed and that field is cleared out. You may take another X-ray and find that the osteoproliferation has disappeared. The fundamental cause is that entity which worked.

        Some people said that they could teach you how to treat diseases and you could do it in three or five days. They would teach you the grabbing method. Show me that! Human beings are the weakest while that evil intelligent entity is very ferocious. It controls your brain and easily plays you. It can even easily end your life. If you say that you can grab it, how? With your ordinary person's hand you cannot reach it. You may grab here and there, which is ridiculous. It ignores you and laughs at you. If you really touch it, it will hurt your hand instantly. That is a real wound! I saw in the past some people whose hands were all right. Any physical examination showed they were in good health with no diseases and the two hands were all right. But they could not raise their hands and kept them hanging down in the way they did them. I have seen one such patient. His hand in another space was injured, which means it was really disabled. If that hand of yours is hurt, will you not be disabled? Some people asked me: Teacher, could I practise qigong? I had a sterilization operation, or had some organs removed. I replied that it does not matter because your body in another space has not had an operation. And that body plays a role in the practice of the exercise. So I have just said when you try to grab that entity, if you can not reach it, it will ignore you. If you touch it, it will probably hurt your hand.

        To support the nation's large-scale qigong activities, I took some disciples to participate in the Oriental Health Expo in Beijing. We were the most outstanding participants at these two Expoes. At the first Expo our Falun Dafa was honoured as the Star Qigong School. At the second Expo so many people came that we did not know even what to do. There were not so many people at the other exhibition stands, while people were crowding around our stands. There were three waiting queues. The first one registered for the morning treatment; the second one waited for the afternoon treatment; the third one waited for my signature. Why did we do so as we do not heal illnesses? Because we did so to support the nation's large-scale qigong events, to contribute to this cause. Therefore, we participated in it.

        I shared my cultivation energy with my disciples, one piece for each. It was an energy mass composed of a hundred supernormal capabilities. I sealed their hands. Even so, some hands were bitten, with blisters and blood, frequently. That entity was so ferocious. Do you think you dare to touch it with an ordinary person's hand? Besides, you could not reach it without that special supernormal capability. Because it will know what you think and what you want to do instantly in another space. It will run away before you grab it. As soon as a patient is out of the door, it will go back to him and the illness will return. One needs such a supernormal capability to deal with it, which can fix it there as soon as you stretch out your hand. After it has been fixed, we use another supernormal capability which is called the Great Law of Soul Catching. It is more powerful. It can take one's Yuanshen (True Spirit) out of the body and make the person unable to move. Such a supernormal capability has its specific purpose, we aimed at this entity when we used it. It is known that the bowl in Tathagata's hand could turned Sun Wukong into a tiny dot though he had a huge body. The supernormal capability could play such a role. No matter how big or small the entity is, it would be grabbed instantly in hand and turned into a tiny thing.

        In addition, it is impossible to stretch one's hand into the flesh of a patient and take something out. That will disturb the human minds of ordinary society. It is not allowed at all to do so even if it is possible. What one has stretched in is the hand in another space. If one has heart trouble, when this hand stretches out towards the heart location to catch, the hand in another space has got in. All at once, after it is caught very quickly, the hand outside takes hold of it, and the two hands join as one and catch it in them. The entity is very ferocious. Sometimes it moves, makes its way into the hand, bites or screams. It appears to be small in hand, but it will become large if set free. Not everybody can make it. Without that supernormal capability, it is impossible to do this at all. It is actually not as simple as people imagine.

        Of course, this form of qigong healing may be allowed to exist in the future. It has existed in the past. However, there must be a condition. The person must be a cultivator. Out of his compassion in the course of his cultivation, he will be allowed to treat a few good people. But he cannot completely eliminate the patient's karma because he has not enough mighty virtues. Therefore, the tribulation still exists but the specific illness has gone. An ordinary little qigong master is not a cultivator who has achieved the Tao. He can only put off the illness or may transform it into other forms of misfortune. However, he himself may not know the putting-off process. If his cultivation system cultivates the Paraconsciousness, the job is done by his Paraconsciousness. The practitioners of some cultivation ways appear to be very famous. Many well-known qigong masters do not have cultivation energy because it grows on their Paraconsciousness. That is to say, it is allowed to do this in the course of cultivation because some people stay at this one level of cultivation for a dozen years, or dozens of years without being able to go beyond this level of cultivation. So, he will treat patients all the time in his life. Because he stays at the level, he is allowed to do so. The students of Falun Dafa are absolutely forbidden to cure illnesses. Reading this book to the patient will heal his disease if he can accept it. But the results will differ according to the karmic debts of each individual.

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