Supernormal Capabilities and Energy Potency

        Many people are not clear about qigong terms, and some people are always confusing them. They take supernormal capabilities for energy potency, and energy potency for supernormal capabilities. The cultivation energy which is developed through the cultivation of one's Xinxing evolves from one's virtues when a person has assimilated himself into the fundamental qualities of the universe. This cultivation energy is crucial because it determines the height of one's level of attainment, the strength of one's energy potency and the height of one's achievement status. What will one develop in the course of his cultivation? He will develop supernatural powers which are called supernormal capabilities for short. The above-mentioned cultivation energy which determines one's attainment level is called energy potency. The higher one's attainment level is, the more powerful his energy potency will be and the stronger his supernormal capabilities will be.

        Supernormal capabilities are nothing but by-products of one's cultivation. It does not stand for the level, the height of one's attainment level or the strength of one's energy potency. Some may develop more while others may develop less. Besides, supernormal capabilities are not to be acquired as a major goal of cultivation. Only when a practitioner is determined to get down to true cultivation, can he develop them. However, he cannot cultivate them as his major goal. What do you cultivate these things for? Do you want to use them among ordinary people? You are absolutely not allowed to use them among ordinary people at will. Therefore, the more you desire to have them, the less you will get. You are desiring, and desiring itself is an attachment. What you have to get rid of through cultivation is simply attachment.

        Many people do not have supernormal capabilities though they have entered into a high and profound realm of awareness in cultivation. Their masters have locked up their powers for fear that they can not restrain themselves and do something bad. Therefore, they have not been allowed all the way to show their supernatural powers. There are quite a lot of such people. Supernormal capabilities are controlled by one's consciousness. A practitioner may fail to control himself in his sleep, and a dream he had could possibly make the heaven and the earth overturned the next morning. This will never be allowed to happen. When cultivating among ordinary people, those with great supernatural powers are usually not allowed to use them. Most of them have had their powers locked up. But exceptions also occur. Quite a lot of people who have cultivated well and can restrain themselves are free to use some of their powers. If you ask such people to make a casual display of their powers, they will never do so, because they can restrain themselves.

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