Qigong Is a Prehistoric Culture

        What is qigong, anyway? Many qigong masters are trying to explain what it is, but what I say is rather different from what they say. Many qigong masters explain this at a certain level of theirs, while I state my point of view about qigong at a much higher level. It is entirely different from theirs. Some qigong masters say that qigong has a history of 2000 years in our country; and some say 3000 years; others say 5000 years, as old as the history of the Chinese civilization; and still others say that it should be 7000 years old, as is shown by archaeological findings, far beyond the history of the Chinese civilization. Whatever the viewpoints may be, the history of qigong is almost the same as that of the human civilization. According to Darwin's theory of evolution, human beings evolved first from water plants to aquatic animals; then climbed up to land; and further up to the trees; again came back down to land and became apes on land; and finally developed into modern human beings with mind, and culture. According to this calculation, the real emergence of the human civilization does not go beyond 10000 years yet. For further backward calculation, there even was not such a thing as tying knots to remember things. It is true that they wore leaves as clothes and ate raw meat. Further backward, they were totally savages, the sort of primitives, who perhaps even did not know how to use fire yet.

        However, we have discovered something, i.e., there remain across the world so many sites of ancient civilizations, far beyond the history of our human civilizations. Technologically speaking, these places of historic interest all have a very high order of technology and craftsmanship. Artistically speaking, they are at such an extremely high level that modern people are simply imitating the arts of ancient people, which have a very high value of appreciation. Yet, they were the remains of tens of thousands of, hundreds of thousands of, several millions of or even a hundred million years ago. Just think it over. Are they making fun of the history of today? But there is nothing to joke about, for mankind also has been unceasingly perfecting itself and creating a new understanding of itself. Such is exactly the way of the development of society, as the initial recognition is not necessarily absolutely correct.

        Maybe many people have heard of "prehistoric culture", also called "prehistoric civilization". Now I am going to deal with this. The earth has Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania, Africa and Antarctic on it. They are referred to as the "continental plates" by geologists. Tens of millions of years have already passed so far in history since they began to take shape. That is to say, there is a lot of land which rose from the bottom of the ocean, and also a lot of land which went down to the bottom. As a result, the land became as stable as it is today after a passage of tens of millions of years of history. However, we have discovered, on many ocean bottoms, huge buildings of ancient times, whose carving and sculpturing are too exquisite to be the cultural remains of today's human beings. Thus they must have been built before the land was deposited onto the ocean bottom. Then who was it that had created these civilizations tens of millions of years ago? Human beings were not even monkeys at that time, how could they possibly have created things of such high intelligence? Archaeologists have found in the world a kind of organism called "three-leaves insect", which came into being between 600 million and 260 million years ago, and became extinct thereafter. An American scientist found a fossil of "three-leaves insect", on which there was also a human footprint, left by a shoe he was wearing, and clearly printed on the fossil. Aren't they joking with the historians? How could there possibly have been human beings 260 million years ago according to Darwin's theory of evolution?

        In the museum of National University of Peru, there is a rock on which is engraved a human figure, which, after close examination, was engraved 30000 years ago. However, this human figure is wearing clothes, a hat and a pair of shoes, observing celestial bodies through a telescope in his hands. How could people of 30000 years ago possibly have woven cloth and worn clothes? The most inconceivable is that he is holding an astronomical telescope to observe celestial bodies, and that he has certain knowledge of astronomy as well. We have been of the opinion that Galileo, a European, invented the telescope, which has a history of only over 300 years up to now. But who was it who invented the telescope 30000 years ago? In addition, there are so many other such mysteries. For instance, the slabstone frescoes discovered in many stone caves in France, South Africa and on the Alps were wonderfully done, vivid and true to life. The human figures engraved on them are very exquisite, coated with a mineral paint, as well. However, they are all dressed up in modern style, somewhat similar to Western suits, wearing close-fitting trousers. Some of them have something like pipes in their hands; others are holding walking sticks, wearing hats. How could monkeys of several hundred thousand years ago possibly have had such a high order of the arts?

        To say something further, there is the Gabon Republic in Africa, which is rich in uranium ore. As the country was relatively backward, and it could not extract uranium from ore on its own, it exported it to the advanced countries. In 1972, a French plant imported this uranium ore. To their great surprise, chemical examinations showed that this ore had already been extracted and utilized, therefore they sent people of science to the country to investigate, and scientists from many other countries went there, too. They confirmed, at last, that this uranium ore was in fact a large-scale nuclear reactor, which was so well laid out that it would be impossible even for modern people to produce it. Then when was it completed? It was two billion years ago that it was completed, and it had been in operation for about 500000 years. This is a sheer astronomical figure beyond the explanation of Darwin's theory of evolution. There are so many things like this. What has been discovered now in the world of science and technology is convincing enough to rewrite our textbooks of today. Once a series of working and thinking styles has fallen into a habit based on their inherent conventional modes of thought, men find it difficult to accept new ideas. When the truth presents itself, they dare not accept it, but will reject it, by instinct. Owing to the influence of conventional modes of thought, there is no systematization of these things now; therefore, men's mentality cannot keep track of the developments all the time. Whenever we talk about these things, which have already been discovered, though not popularized as yet, some people will say this is superstition and cannot be accepted.

        A lot of dauntless scientists abroad have openly accepted these phenomena as prehistoric cultures, which are the civilizations previous to this cycle of our present human civilization. That is, there were still the periods of civilization prior to this cycle of our civilization, and there was more than one. The archaeological finds reveal that they did not belong to the period of only one civilization. Thus, it is believed that only a few people had managed to survive the crushing destruction a number of times, and thereafter began to live a primitive life and reproduce new human beings, and enter a new civilization. Then, they experienced a new destruction again, reproduced new human beings once more. This is how mankind went through such different periodic changes, one after another. The motion of matter, as physicists put it, follows a certain pattern, so do the changes of the whole universe.

        The movement of our earth cannot possibly be all smooth sailing in this vast expanse of the universe or within the motion of the Galaxy. It is most likely to run into another planet, or rather some other troubles, which will give rise to a catastrophe. In the light of our supernormal capabilities, it has been arranged this way. After a meticulous check which I once did, I discovered that mankind had been left in complete destruction 81 times. Only a few people survived each time, leaving behind a little bit of their prehistoric civilization, and went into the next period, living a primitive life. Human beings multiplied until there were so many when another civilization emerged. Going through 81 such periodic transformations, I still did not count down to the origin. Chinese people believe in favourable weather, favourable terrain, and the group morale. Variations in celestial phenomena and variations in weather will bring about different social conditions in ordinary human society. In the terms of physics, there is regularity in the motion of matter; the same is true of the movement of the universe.

        The prehistoric cultures I referred to above mainly tell you: Qigong is not an invention of this cycle of human beings, but of a prehistoric culture, left behind after going through a remote past. We can find an exposition of some viewpoints in Buddhist scriptures. Sakyamuni said in his life time that he had completed his cultivation and found the Way some billions of kalpas before. How many years is one kalpa? One kalpa means some billions of years. Such a huge figure is simply unimaginable. If this is true, doesn't it tally with the human history and the evolution of the earth? Sakyamuni also said that there had been six Buddhas of the primeval age previous to him, and he had had his own masters, all of whom had found the Way in cultivation some billions of kalpas before. If all this is true, are there such cultivation ways as those genuine Orthodox and true qigong we teach in society nowadays? If I answer this question, of course I'll say yes, but not many. At present, sham qigong and fake qigong masters and those spirit possessed have casually invented some things to deceive the public. These qigong outnumber genuine qigong so many times that it is hard to tell the genuine from the fake. It is not so easy to identify genuine qigong and it is not easy to find one as well.

        As a matter of fact, not only qigong was left behind from the remote past, but Taiji, Hetu, Luoshu, Zhouyi (Book of Changes) and the Eight Diagrams, etc. are all prehistoric as well. So, if today we make a study of and come to understand them from the viewpoint of ordinary people, we will get nowhere in doing so. At the level of ordinary people, from the angle of ordinary people and in the realm of awareness of ordinary people, we will not be able to become acquainted with what is true.

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