Coercion Cannot Change People’s Hearts

The steadfast, righteous thoughts of a cultivator transcend all human understandings, transcend all human thinking, and can never be understood by everyday people. At the same time, they cannot be changed by everyday people, because humans are not able to change Enlightened Beings.

The evil has utilized the power in bad people’s hands to create turmoil for nearly two years, using the most base actions ever in human history—whether ancient or modern, Chinese or foreign—and employing all the most malicious means to persecute Dafa and its cultivators. Its aim is to use coercive measures to change Dafa cultivators’ hearts and have them give up their cultivation practice. This is futile. Never in history has someone who persecuted those with upright faiths ever succeeded. All of this is merely to use the evil’s performance to solidify Dafa and remove cultivators’ fundamental attachments so as to free cultivators from the shackles of humanness and karma. All those who have been weeded out are not true cultivators. Although the evil can run rampant temporarily in this period of time when it is being used, it will eventually end up in utter disgrace since in the Fa-rectification process they are beings doomed to be weeded out. For over a year, the evil has utilized the bad people who have been used as its tools and who employ all sorts of torture instruments and methods to beat cruelly and torture Dafa cultivators. Although many people have been beaten to death, beaten to disability, or sent off to mental hospitals, this has still not changed true cultivators’ steadfast, righteous thoughts. [The bad people] produce fake scriptures, don’t allow students to sleep, fabricate charges, frame up students, spread lies, and so on. Being threatened severely, deceived, and pressured greatly by all those indecent means, some students have written things like the so-called "guarantees to stop practicing" or "statements of repentance" when they were not in their right minds and forced. None of those were genuine expressions from the students’ hearts—they were done against their will. Although they had attachments, were momentarily taken advantage of by the evil, and did what a cultivator should not, a cultivator ought to be looked at in his entirety. I do not recognize any of those things. When they return to their senses, they will immediately start doing again what a Dafa student should do during this time, and, in the meantime, will declare as null and void everything that they said and wrote when they were not in their right minds due to intense persecution, and will declare that they are determined in cultivation. A large number of declarations from students all over the country have appeared daily. The last hope of attempting to change Dafa disciples’ righteous thoughts through coercion and deception has been completely shattered. The evil no longer has any way to change the determination that Dafa disciples have developed from their true understanding of the Fa through cultivation and from their Buddha-nature after the elevation of their benti6 in actual cultivation. In this situation, the evil’s performance has completely turned into the venting of personal resentment by the malicious people, using the power in their hands and employing the most base means.

Since the only evil remaining in the current Fa-rectification has seen Dafa disciples’ unshakable, steadfast faith, it has gone mad and completely lost its senses. Although Dafa disciples do not get involved in politics and do not value ordinary human power, the evil’s persecution in China—which ignores all of its consequences—will lead people to completely distrust the ruling party and its regime, and to disobey the government. The lie-spreading propaganda machine will no longer be able to employ demagoguery. This is because at the same time that the evil persecutes Dafa, it has also arranged it so that, during the campaign, the party’s current head himself is used to destroy the party and its regime from within the party—this is what those being manipulated and the world’s people cannot see clearly. Then the consequences of their personal resentment become inevitable and cannot be avoided. And in this persecution, the world’s people will see more clearly everything the evil has done; Dafa disciples will become more rational and more clearheaded, and, with determination and maturation in cultivation, move towards magnificent Consummation.

Li Hongzhi
March 4, 2001

6. benti (bun-tee)—"own-body," "original-body," or "true being."