The things that have transpired in recent times have already done serious harm to the many Falun Dafa students. At the same time, they have also tarnished the nation’s image severely. With regard to the information the students have on how the relevant regions or the relevant departments have directly or covertly interfered with and disrupted Falun Gong students’ practicing, and with regard to the situation in which some people used their power to stir up a Falun Gong "incident," to put a broad segment of the people and government in opposition to one another, and to thereby gain politically, the students can report these cases through the normal channels to different levels of the government or to the country’s leaders.

But we are cultivators. Don’t get involved in politics and don’t let the events that occurred a little while ago disrupt you. Calm your minds, resume your normal practice and Fa-study, be diligent and cultivate solidly, and continually improve yourselves.

Li Hongzhi
June 13, 1999